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There is always something special about a handmade product that simply cannot be found in a ‘big box’ store. Every item I design and create, begins with the vision of my children loving it, they are always my inspiration.

How much better can it get? With so many cute and inspiring projects for you to make - the only thing you will need, is to find the time to create them all...
However, if time is scarce, and you need a readymade product, whether it is for a last minute gift, or simply something nice to cherish, you will find a vast selection of products in our Shop

We can also customize orders and make them a 'one of a kind' just for you, simply send us your request via email and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

My Collection

I love to design and create beautiful handmade garments, toys and timeless keepsakes, each embellished with a unique personality, for that 'special' someone, regardless of age.

My passion for sewing, crochet & knitting has become an addiction that will never go out of fashion, I design & hand make all my items with love & care, using my own patterns. Every item I design and create, begins with the vision of my children loving it, they are always my inspiration.

My line of signature handmade ragdolls and baby items is carefully stitched using the finest materials, creating items that are always 'one of a kind'.

Jacob's Closet is all about handmade vintage treasures and unique gifts filled with fun and creativity for everyone, with new pieces and fabrics introduced each season to compliment.


Baby, Toddler & Beyond

What are kids for? To make a fuss of course! Kids love to have fun and dress ups! My crochet collection caters for girls and boys. I sell finished products as well as patterns for people who are happy to make their own pieces. 

The versatility of my patterns enable each item to be co-ordinated and adapted to compliment other clothing pieces that you may already have.

Each finished item is handmade with intricate detail. Only the best quality yarn is used to ensure that your child delicate skin is never compromised.



Chloe Raggedy Doll

And for children of all ages, I have created a toy range specifically designed to enable their sensory development through play or if you prefer, simply just for cuddles.

Learning through play, the only energy needed is your child's (and there's plenty of it)!

Why settle for the 'factory mass produced' toys that EVERYONE has, when you can give your child an experience that they will never forget with our unique and old fashioned toys.

Our toys are fun, original and motivate children to develop gross and fine motor skills, social skills and logical thinking - all of this is achieved through role play, imagination, creativity and movement. Toys are most beneficial for young children because they trigger cognitive growth that babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers need during developmental phases of their lives..

When designing my toy collection I wanted each toy to be made from soft blend fabrics, textures, colours and decorative accessories that are super fun, look attractive, stimulate motor ability and encourage children to develop their imagination.

These wonderful, pleasant to touch toys will help youngsters to develop hand-eye co-ordination, while larger softer toys become true friends during outings and travel in cars.

Angel Babies

My designs also cater for premature ‘Angel Babies’, each named after a unique Butterfly – whose wings are as delicate as the babies who grew them. This range consists of bonnets, gowns, wraps and keepsake memory blankets.

Finding the right item for an Angel baby can be a real struggle, one I have been through myself, as these babies are very delicate, fragile and tiny.

My Angel creations have extra touches of thought and practical value, where the gowns are made with an opening at the back (similar to hospital gowns) for easy access and minimal disruption when dressing your baby. The bonnets are fully lined with minimal visible stitching to prevent damage to baby's delicate skin.

Please email me for Special Orders

If you're looking for a vintage treasure, a unique gift, or a toy filled with fun and creativity, at Jacob's Closet you will find exactly what you are looking for, and remember we can customize orders to make them unique and special, a 'one of a kind' just for you.