Our Workshops - Due to Covid-19 we are currently offering Online Classes only. We will keep you updated when our 'face-to-face' workshops resume.

Each workshop is designed to be stress free, fun and very ‘down to earth’ with a ‘homely atmosphere’, where you will find a haven of inspiration. The classes are very professionally set up with all the equipment and resources that you require to start you off and complete your project.
Each workshop is pre-planned for you to create your project, and offers unlimited follow up help and support at no extra charge once you go home.

The workshops are run from a beautiful 'Mannagum Park Estate', in picturesque suburb of Kilmore, just a 45min drive from Melbourne CBD. Our workshops are usually held in the mornings or early afternoon, as the light is clear and bright, and is best for crocheting. You will receive contact and address information upon Booking.

Our workshops are suited to all levels from Beginners, Intermediate, to Advanced, and for people who are not able to attend a class, you can book a one-on-one Online session via Skype.